Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

Everyone loves Hogwarts and these Harry Potter birthday party games will make your next party the perfect place to celebrate the life of our favorite wizards.  From the fun capes you pass out to your guests, to the delicious butterbeer kids of all ages can enjoy, this will be a party nobody will forget. Do a bit of research, and have tons of fun with this wizardly world of Harry Potter as the next themed birthday party you host.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

Choose your house sorting hat game

 Prepare a sorting hat in advance and start your Harry Potter birthday party with letting everyone wear the hat to choose what house they will be in.  You can have them put the hat on, then take it off and reach inside for a special printed banner that shows the colors of the house they are in.  These banners can pin to their shirt and be a fun way to separate kids into groups for games later.

Create magic potions

Look up fun and safe potions that your kids can help you make.  Things using vinegar, baking soda and similar are fun for kids to safely experiment with and feel like they are really doing something exceptional.

Magic creature scavenger hunt

  Pick up a variety of fun odd animal creature toys.  Things like plastic frogs, big plastic spiders, snakes, owls and even unicorns if possible.  Hide these around the house and yard and then give kids lists of clues to go find their creatures.  Paint one or two of the creatures gold and give a special prize to whoever happens to find that one in their searches.

Backyard Quidditch Games

Set up homemade quidditch hoops and have fun with small bouncy balls being thrown through them.  Not quite like the game in the movies, but a fun alternative that all the kids will have fun playing.

 Harry Potter Costume Accessory, Child’s Sorting Hat Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup – Gamecube

Serve magic color changing drinks

This isn’t a game, but is a fun way to get the kids excited.  Before guests appear, put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of your cups.  Mix it up so there are multiple colors available.  When it is time to serve drinks, pour a lemon lime beverage that is clear into the cups on top of the food coloring.  As you hand it to each party attendee, you’ll surprise hem with fun color changing drinks everyone will love.

Hosting a fun themed birthday party is even better when you include these Harry Potter birthday party games.  Kids will love feeling like they have walked into Diagon Alley or Hogwarts, and you’ll love how fun and unique you can make this party become.  Nothing is more fun than seeing your kids get excited about a book or movie series.  The Harry Potter is a great choice with tons of imagination involved that will help your kids get excited and become even more creative!


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